Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!!!

It's night now January 1st, 2019 here in Sanur. So far it's been a good year. Last night we walked over to Genius Cafe on the beach and met our Malay friend, Lai Mun who'd been at the Power of Now yoga studio nearby meditating. She's been visiting us from Kuala Lumpur. Dogette Bandita joined us under the table. I'd not had quite enough activity during the day, having followed the usual indulgence of working on whatever it is I do, and thus, after sipping half a coconut of it's delicious water that I would surely miss if not in coconut land since the packaged variety does not suffice, I disrobed at our table down to swim trunks - it's a nice place but that's not outside the dress code - and went toward the darkness where the water met the sand. Bandi naturally followed. Lai Mun loves Bandi and was concerned. I was wondering why Bandi hadn't already run ahead and waded in, turned to find Lai Mun with Bandi's leash in hand. We leave Bandi's leash on when out. Lai Mun wouldn't hear of the little canine going down there with me, refused to let go. It's a little spooky swimming out into the dark, not totally dark as there are lights on shore. Not much moon though. There's a reef out there that breaks up the waves and usually there are still some small ones, but not last night, only small ripples, the water somewhat shinny and smooth. After a few hundred strokes, some floating and turning around to admire the 360 as I always do, walked back up the sand terrace to our table under the roof - not all of them are - only a wall on one side. Katrinka handed me a sarong and suggested I not put my pants over the wet suit so I went and changed. Back at the table I told her Lai Mun wouldn't let Bandi go in the water. Lai Mun said it's a Chinese custom not to get in cold water at night, can lead to rheumatism. I said it wasn't really cold. She said it would be cold to her and maybe Chinese bones are more susceptible to cold wet at night but she was sort of joking. Later she asked how was my salad - my New Year's Eve Feast - and I said, "Good, but I'm feeling a little rheumatic. Bandi however is not feeling rheumatic thanks to you." She went back to KL today. The holidays are coming to a close.

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