Friday, November 16, 2018

Ghosts in Bali

Bali must be a magnet for ghosts - or maybe just stories about ghosts. There's a whole group of vacant villas near here because they're haunted. Our driver pointed out a big empty hotel by the road way up north somewhere. He said it was a ghost building. I hear a lot of ghost stories here without even trying. An American forester who's been working on Indonesian islands for a couple of decades told me about staying in a home in Java in a guest room and weird sounds waking him then a bright ball of light hovering in the air that scared the heck out of him. The next morning he told his hosts about it and was asked what color the light was. Blue he said. Oh, they said - that's a good one. Katrinka has told me that there are said to be water spirits around where we live. I don't know anything about that though - behind in essential research. When dogette Bandita was barking at nothing the other evening, uncharacteristically backing up a little, Katrinka said, "Maybe it's the water people."

Bali Ghost places

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