Thursday, November 15, 2018

Barking at What?

One of my office spaces, sitting on the bed, especially if I'm tired and showered. Dogette Bandiata lies near my feet. Suddenly she barks and leaps down to run to the back door, always open, out the little pet door at the bottom of the screen door, always shut. No more barking. False alarm? What did she hear? I didn't hear anything. That happens a lot. Sometimes I know why.

Katrinka and I were eating dinner and Bandi started growling low toward the direction of the back door, Kucita cat looking on. Growling punctuated with soft barks continued but they stayed back. That's unusual. I've seen Kuchi rush out with Bandi and scale a wall like a free climber to get to an intruding feline moaning up there on top. But they stayed back. Stayed back as if it was too much to tangle with but if it had been some ferocious tomcat outside they would have at least been near the door with Bandi barking ferousiously. No - these were cautious barks and growls from a distance, almost as if the object was inside the door. Barking at nothing it seemed.

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