Monday, November 19, 2018

Cicak (pronounced chicak

Cicak are our little lizard friends that live mainly on the walls behind things. They can go across the ceiling too. They like to eat bugs and are good at catching mosquitoes. I think they're a type of small gecko. Every once in a while find one trapped in the sink or even in a cup. The other day at the front gate talking to a neighbor, one jumped on my shoulder, ran down my leg the sprang to the post and away. That was a start. I've seen them do that to other people on rare occasion. They like bread crumbs too it seems. Good to look inside the toaster before loading  We get excellent little cookies from a local bakery that are packed in a cup with a lid. The other night we finished off the last two for desert. The next morning while making tea I saw what looked like a bunch of cookie crumbs at the bottom of the cookie cup. I brought it up to my open mouth and threw it in. A cicak hit my cheek, bounced off, and scampered away. Glad my aim was off.

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