Friday, October 5, 2018

The Steps of Singapore

Glad to be back in Sanur. A few memories of Singapore.

Mornings we'd get milk tea, half-boiled egg, and toast in an old run down Chinatown shopping building upstairs at a food court stall - that and coffee all they served. Sign on the wall nearby - No Touting. Learned that meant hawking wares. Kat says coffee was good and strong like the tea. Small cups. Had a Michelin plaque of approval - no stars. But the little dim sum place we had lunch yesterday had one Michelin Star - and a drawer. in the table at each seat for utensils, napkins, toothpicks. The food there - all over - is too too good but okay for a few days - before we fall under its spell until we run out of money.

Singapore is like Dharamsala in one way. Walk up and down a lot. After just four days there I had lots more stamina for stairs. Our hotel room on third floor and everywhere we'd go would take us up and there's lots of up or underground - a whole world there of trains and shops. Walk the steps and he steps by the escalators and walk the escalators with no steps. Now back home going to start a new practice. Gonna double and triple use the steps to the 2nd floor and back - up down up or up down up down up and down up etc. Want to keep the strength gained on the myriad Steps of Singapore.

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