Thursday, October 4, 2018

Singapore's Gardens by the Bay

Singapore's Botanical Gardens are to me the number one thing to do here. It's massive, has an orchid garden and a cool house for orchids from cooler climes - can walk around in it for hours. Yesterday we went to the fairly new Gardens by the Bay and were pleasantly surprised to see it was much more than we'd imagined. All the images of it I found online with a quick search emphasized the constructions and glitz but the gardens outside of that are extensive. We enjoyed some of them and, since it was late in the day, we spent the last hour and a half in the giant cloud and flower domes. The domes and the super trees gave me the impression I was walking within James Cameron's Avatar world. The Cloud Dome walk ends with a well-presented series of concise videos on the dire environmental threats we face. That followed by a brief big screen film on the same subject. The super trees I learned are solar collectors that run the place and that all the water, and there's lots of it, comes from rain and is recirculated. The place has a noble and serious educational component. 

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