Sunday, October 28, 2018

special day for vehicles and weapons in Bali

Yesterday the cars and motorbikes had offerings attached to them. Some parked cars had little holy rugs on their hoods. It's also a day to honor the kris or ceremonial knife and weapons in general. Here's something copied from this page on Bali festival days.

Tumpek Landep Date: 31 March 2018 Tumpek Landep is a day in Bali dedicated to the blessings of metal items. It's meant towards their better use in daily life. These could range from heirloom kris daggers to various other metal objects such as modern machinery, automobiles and such. On this day you're in for an interesting sight in Bali. You'll see cars and motorcycles decorated with intricate stitched-leaf ornaments called sampian roaming the streets in Bali.

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