Thursday, September 27, 2018

Unscheduled trip to Pasar Sindhu, morning market

There were cats fighting in the middle of the night. I got up. Kucita, who often opts to stay out at night, was huddled by the cat/dog door not functioning because it's in the screen door but not the regular door which was closed for the night. Normally she'd climb over  and around to come in the back pet door. I saw the young, slender black cat up on the shrine in front dart away. We don't let it come down if we can help it. They relate outside or in the courtyard at night. They'd never fought before. Hope they make up.

Couldn't go back to sleep. Usually can by following breath. Got up. 3am. At 8am I was sitting with laptop appropropriately on my lap when a voice called out. It was Komang, our driver for longer hauls. Someone had accidentally asked him to come today Thursday instead of coming Monday to take us to the airport. I won't reveal who made this careless error as it would embarrass her.

Komang lives an hour away and rather than just pay him decided to go to the market and ATM at the BNI bank an hour walk from here. For almost four years we lived near there and I'd walk to the morning market, Sindhu Pasar, a couple of times a week and miss it. Katrinka went too. It was good to see the old friends at their stalls. We returned home with three liters of fresh coconut water, mangoes, papaya, local and New Zealand apples, pineapple, shallots, three types of ginger, costly vanilla sticks, ginger flowers, ten sticks of cinnamon, and some small ceramic bowls, and a bunch of Indonesian Rupia, taking advantage of the high dollar to get the loot now in case it goes back down to what was normal.

Katrinka had no dates and I was most satisfied with what I'd gotten done work-wise recently. Komang was there. We decided to make a day of it. Where to go?

Image is Pasar Sindhu. More tomorrow.

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