Friday, September 28, 2018

Padang Padang

Continuing from yesterday - We headed off with dogette Bandita to parts unknown consulting with each other and trusty driver Komang. We decided to plunge into the thick of the action braving congested traffic to Padang Padang Beach in Uluwatu. Mertasari Beach which we live near in Sanur is wide and never crowded at all, the water relatively calm due to the reef, good for swimming though most tourists and locals go stand and sit in it. Padang Padang was small and framed in scenic cliffs and rock formations, packed and fun with a younger more vibrant crowd going in and out of the deeper more active water less restrained by a reef, surfers coming and going through the bobbing vacationers, friendly people coming to say hi to Bandita like the owner of a nutrition company in LA. He was staying in a luxury hotel where he had a reservation for a $100 massage, said he knew you could get them for $7 but didn't know where. I urged him to cancel cause the lower price was the norm here and surely not hard to find. We hung out there a few hours. A nice break from our quiet life here in Sanur - sometimes called Snore by those in the more happening parts with a younger crowd.

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