Monday, October 19, 2015

Pembantu - helpers

K who I think but don't know for sure took the money is doing room cleaning now. I'm on the porch. Not looking for signs of guilt. He's my favorite. His partner W dominates him but they are harmonious. They talk softly constantly when they work together. K's more humble, genuine, a little sad. W is more up, playing a role, singsongy greetings. I like him too. Both are low key, small, from little villages.
I think they're influenced by the station of their caste which is or at least includes the role of servants. I don't really know and am not going to study it or try to understand, but it seems many people here are content with their status and jobs which are appropriate for the caste they were born in. But there are plenty who have clearly broken out of that sense of limitation and who have ambitions and hopes and frustrations. K and W are so grateful when we tip them every month - have to tip all four workers though the two women don't come here much, include it with the rent envelope. We're in the studios down the street by the hotel and landlord's home and homestay has more places to rent and five irritating dogs which don't usually bite.

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