Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ian's Birthday party

The birthday tea was fun. Had it at a table outside the rooms up at the homestay. Ians 75th. We're pretty even at tennis but he places the ball better - gets me running. Landlord David was there a little at first and Widya dropped by but mainly it was Ian, Cynthia, Julian - the Brit or Aussie with the baritone voice who lives there, and John, Aussie who is there bi monthly. He's tall, bald, nice, funny. Julian talks a lot and is humorous as heck.
Ian said that all three had John based names - Ian, Julian, and John - maybe the Julian was just because of the "ian" on the end which is an Irish John he said. I think Irish. Julian wants to nuke 3 billion people away to deal with various global problems. I told him I remember being in high school sitting around a barbque at a ranch listening to these right wing ranchers say we ought to bomb England because they're socialist. We had some good cake from Ruths and I don't usually like cake. They all had Nescafe - wow - and Cynthia gave me some Chinese tea from a Chinese friend back in the Philippines which I had no ideas how to spell. She said nobody there trusts Chinese imports. They were putting lead in food and milk to weigh it down more cause it was sold by weight. I said I'd seen a report on how they're poisoning themselves and a lot of foreigners are importing their food. Ian's right - too many people - but maybe effective family planning and management is a better way to deal with that than nukes which are dirty and irritating. 

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