Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Note to Katrinka in US on Sanur temp

Remember I said it seemed pretty warm inside sitting this morning but walking down Tamblingan seemed not so warm and a nice breeze. The Guardian site has a little weather box on the left and it was 30 (86) at 8 but dropped to 27 (81) when I was walking here to Art Cafe (good tea made with loose leaves) then 24 (75) predicated at 2.
Figured those conversion numbers out quickly and checked online by typing "27 c to f"  etc - my system is so much easier than the 9/5 5/9 Celsius to Fahrenheit method. To review, memorize the basics - 0 = 32, 10 = 50, 20 = 68, 30 = 86 ( reverse of the prior), 40 = 104, 50 = 122, 60 = 140 (the outer two ends only needed here for reference). Every five degrees C is 9 F so those are easy to either memorize or get to from the tens. And every degree C = 1&4/5 F so two will do with an easy round off down or up. I can quickly get within a degree that way. I know this fascinates you - also a good post for today's Saunters, though I know it's not the first time. However I think this may be a more thorough presentation. - dc

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