Tuesday, August 25, 2015


The US dollar is now at a super high against the Indonesian rupiah. Today it is over 14,000 rupiah to a dollar. I can remember a year ago it getting down to 11, 500 to a dollar and in 2011 I see it almost hit 8,000. What this means is that now we pay 71+ cents to get 10,000 rupiah, which is like their dollar, whereas last year at this time it was closer to 85 cents. When you're on a tight budget (and spending money on the archiving etc) that makes a big difference.
I notice in my mind that I am happy when the dollar goes high and always hope it goes higher. Then a secondary thought arises realizing that that will be good for exports but if it gets too out of balance it will be bad for many people here and make it more likely for right wing generals etc to get elected. Next I am pleased that I have to go no further than my own mind to see the root cause of the major problems of the world. - dc

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