Monday, August 24, 2015

Kite Competition

There were about 700 kites Saturday and almost a thousand on Sunday. That's a good photo of one from the Internet. That's one type. There would be like twenty or more of them at a time. Each kite was built and flown by youth from a neighborhood from all over Bali. Elders advised and watched. Sometimes I counted twenty people on one "string." New kites in the air about every thirty minutes.
They were judged by artistry of movement and sound made by that bow in front. This type is like thirty feet or so long. Took a break from cuking Saturday and Nyoman driver and I went for a while then on Sunday, a no posting email etc day, Katrinka and I took the brick walk down the beach about an hour and a quarter to Mertasari Beach to watch for an hour. It was so great. Strong culture.  

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