Friday, August 14, 2015


Eating half a kilo of shrimp bought at the Sindhu Pasar, morning market (in photo). Shrimp not so large - (about three bucks US). Used to get the woman to clean them which she'll do for no added cost but we've learned - from Malay Lai Mun - that the flavor is better if cooked before cleaned. So mainly now we clean them while we eat using newspaper between our plates to put the shells etc on. Katrinka steamed them in filtered water (we filter our own - don't buy it which the Indonesians I know also do), steamed with lemon grass and basil.
That with a brown-red rice mix and veggies sauteed with dill, shallots, and garlic - bok choy, tomato, and what she calls interesting mushrooms that she gets at the market. We go out much less these days and eat at cheap local places in shacks more when we do, but the best food is what she makes - usually while I read to her. Put the shrimp cleanings out in the field. Apologies to strict vegetarians. - dc

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