Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Indonesian visa extension

Doing our visa extensions this month rather than hiring someone.
Nyoman drove me to the Immigration office and it was packed, lines outside just to get a number. They just had two days half off after a weekend - Hindu ceremonial something. But my first step in doing this was last time to spend some time with the woman who took care of it whom I happened to meet because we had to go in for new photos and fingerprints. So, urging Nyoman to stick with me, walked past everyone up to the glass door behind which the staff are working in their new modernized office, stopped a woman in uniform walking in there and asked if she'd let Ibu Siri (Ms Siri) know I'm here. I could see her through the glass - lots of glass. She came out and after a few minutes Nyoman and I left with the papers to fill out and she'd gone over it with me and him listening to clarify anything I didn't get. In and out in five minutes and the lines didn't seem to have moved that much. Connections are always helpful. - dc

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