Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First post using blogger

My computer hard drive got all screwed up.
It happened when MS Windows 8.1 upgrade was uploading. I didn't seem to have any choice and didn't have time to leave enough room on the hard drive which also didn't occur to me. The upgrade didn't work and the computer got stuck trying revert to prior Windows and a tech guy here found the HD was damaged. I'd been having a number of error messages and spontaneous reboots so that made sense. Didn't loose any data - had it all backed up anyway including what I'd just done, an old habit. But lost programs. Fortunately I'm in Indonesia and he's putting all the programs I had that I couldn't replace back on plus some others. And a terabyte hard drive. He's also got the new SSD sold state hard drives and showed me how much faster they are and I'm considering getting a small one for a 2nd computer for work or play that could use more speed. I'm not used to having just one computer. So that's what's happening here. Now I've got to start to figure out how to use the Blogger. My associate Peter Ford who runs shunryusuzuki.com is urging me to run cuke off it so I'd not be dependent on any particular computer. We'll see what happens. - DC

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  1. Did you ever write for Claude Ananda's Cloud Hidden Friends? It was a paper "social network" before social networks.