Monday, January 3, 2022


I was in a dream of son Clay's with a little poodle in my lap and he wondered in the dream why our dog Bandi wasn't there. I asked him if he was aware that we've been keeping a toy poodle for five months and he said,  Really? It's no stretch at all for me to see that as being ESP but in this case I'd say it's more likely he saw the doggie's photo on Instagram and his subconscious stored it. He sees my Instagram posts which are few and both he and I follow very few others - mainly family. Senior son Kelly's mate Daniela is a psychological counselor. She has a client from Portland who was sent to her by a dream that gave her the first name, city, and an image with of her with long black hair. They do have a mutual contact, a shaman who also lives in Spokane through which her client found her. I'd say in that case, as with Clay's dream, likely the subconscious was reminding the conscious of something forgotten. But either way - doesn't matter. To me everything is mysterious and amazing. Some things are just more unusual and harder to explain.

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