Friday, April 16, 2021

Family/Katrinka's Studio Construction -- winding down.


Furniture went back into our bedroom today and upstairs will be ready tomorrow. So much going on though, lots of it noisy, with last minute stuff, that Katrinka took Bandi to the beach, we conferred on placement of stuff, she went through some other stuff in boxes and went back to Alice's to get a way from the noise. Kardino is finishing up quicker than he estimated. That's rare to see. And we've thrown a bunch of changes and extras his way too. He doesn't care. They're so concentrated and uncomplicated. No drama. Bandi brings all the drama. Kardino is a pro dog Muslim Mudik the electrician is a dog keep away from me Muslim but he's gotten used to Bandi and doesn't seem to care anymore. They're cleaning all the ceiling fan blades now. Grinding rust off them, painting them, making them look new. We've got nine ceiling fans, three bathroom fans, two wall fans, and three standing fans. They're dust collectors. But worse than that - they get so grungy and rusty in a rather short time. All but one are new three and a half years ago.

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