Thursday, April 29, 2021

Rocking Chairs

Exciting day. Did the first recording in the newly refurbished studio which was our tiny guest room upstairs but now there's a new big room I call the Family Room or Katrinka's Sun Room. So I recorded an episode of Life in Bali in the refurbished studio sans bed so there's more wiggle room today and I liked it. I give more details in that podcast - get rather carried away. While I was doing that Katrinka was a block away buying some stuff from a woman who's moving to another place. She got two rocking chairs, originally from a trendy coffee house in Ubud. I always liked rocking chairs. Really got into them because of having babies. Always had one in the US since the first baby named Kelly was born. Hadn't thought about them once since coming here. Then today when I came downstairs after recording, Katrinka said to go look at the rocking chairs she just got. They're on the new back porch upstairs. First glance I was shocked. One red and one blue standard type plastic garden chairs mounted on attractive wooden rockers. Sat in one. Immediately fell in love with it. Katrinka came up. Sat in the other. Comfortable. Design that was at the same time elegant, funky, and humorous. And they worked so well. So comfortable. The sun was getting low. We looked over roofs of wood, thatch, tile, with vegetation greenery rising up from it all, kites wafting in the wind. From now on we'll pass the days fading light time there with mocktails.

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