Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Poem from Somewhere

 So I finally got one of those goals from yesterday done and as for chapter 15, got a lot done on it. And started the first phone chat for a podcast in a few weeks. Cuke What's New posts are up. But now I want to go to sleep but need to prepare today's podcast, the latest piece from Tassajara Stories. No I can't do it. Yes you can. I play a game of spider that takes extra long to win. I could be almost through the podcast prep if I hadn't done that but now I'm feeling more ready for it. I can do it. No you can't. You'll keep putting it off. At times like these when I'm fighting myself and need to boost my confidence and charge into a task, I think of Edgar Guest and his famous poem. This goes back to my childhood. A favorite. Not the one with the line that goes, "It takes a heap of living, to make a house a home." Not that one but the one that goes

They said it couldn't be done
And he with a grin replied
I'll not be one to say it couldn't be done
Until I've gone and tried.
So he buckled right in
With a trace of a grin
By golly he went right to it
And he tried that thing
That "couldn't be done"
And you know what?
He couldn't do it.

Or maybe that's from Mad Magazine - I can't recall the source. - dc

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