Monday, March 15, 2021


It's the first day of the Caka New Year in Bali. Nyepi ended this morning at six am and was wonderful. We had a few candles going to guide us in the darkness and delicious cold food for diner Katrinka had prepared the day before. Unlike prior years, wifi wasn't shut off because of Covid. I don't know why it was because of Covid. We didn't fast, meditate all day - had dates with our computers and got ready for the demolition to come. It's so neat just going out and listening to the almost silence - some birds singing, occasional dog barking but not much because there are no cars or motorbikes or people moving through the streets. No sound of traffic at all - or of footsteps or people talking. No planes though that's pretty much always true for the last year. We didn't expect to see stars because of the heavy and continuing rainy season and it did rain fairly heavily in the early evening. But lo and behold at about ten, the clouds parted and a brilliant night sky filled with stars and milky way and the Southern Cross. A wonderful sight in the quiet. Tomorrow Kardino and crew arrive at eight in the morning to get to work on the new guest room. I called him just now and said Katrinka won't have all of her stuff ready to go till later but he said there was plenty to do outside. By afternoon late, our bedroom will be empty. Some goes to the neighbor's carport next door but there will be plenty tucked away here. Things will get crowded. Katrinka goes to Alice's. I stay here. Bet she comes back a lot and then my studio will be our bedroom and place to get aways upstairs. I might have to be making podcasts in a closet - but there are no closets. Will the Center Hold? Love it. 

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