Thursday, March 4, 2021

A Tragedy

Bhikkhu Moneyya looked down on his hand and saw a tiny cicak jump onto it from the table. It was like one inch long. Cicak (pronounced chichak) are little gecko or related to gecko. They are all over the houses here and they behave themselves and eat tiny critters so they're welcome by all - but some foreigners who aren't used to them. They're outside too. We were outside listening to music at Oomba on the beach in Sanur when that little one jumped onto the back of Moneyya's hand. People were going oooo and ahhh. For once Dogette Bandi wasn't the cutest creature. Moneyya showed it around. A guest at a nearby table stuck his hand out and Moneyya put his above and tilted it over. The cicak fell to the floor right in front of Bandi who instantly ate it.  

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