Monday, February 8, 2021

Rather Occupied

Hi there. Last year I read all of Crooked Cucumber, a chapter at a time, in Cuke Audio podcasts. Those audio chapters contained many changes and fixes from the original book. I read from a text that has been updated and corrected through the years - especially in 2019 when I was involved with the Japanese translation. Bill Redican of Shunryu Suzuki verbatim transcript fame, then went over each chapter's audio and text and noted any and there many glitches and discrepancies and made minor editing and copyediting suggestions. Now I'm going over his notes, entering fixes to the audio and text, and cleaning up clicks and pops and unwanted sounds in the audio. This is slow going and tedious. What with all the other stuff I do, it's been hard to make much headway. So in order to get through this project more quickly, I'm practicing some cyber-austerity. There may be a dearth of posts in Cuke nonZense and Cuke What's New Blog. There may be fewer or shorter Life in Bali podcasts with fewer guests. I still want to have a Zen guest every week and will continue reading pieces from the work in progress, Tassajara Stories.  And there will still be the mini podcasts I suspect. We'll see. I never know what I will actually be doing next. Take care. - dc

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