Saturday, January 9, 2021

Too Much News

I've been following current events too closely. It's not helping but I haven't stopped yet. At least I'm not posting my opinions about it all. You don't need that because you of all people have the exact right way of looking at it and your solutions are perfect. If only someone would listen. Good luck to us all. - dc

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  1. Exactamondo David - we of a certain bent are about in the same boat, watching the train wreck, unable to avert our eyes even though it is horrendous and yet not wanting to miss what happens next in the land that holds itself up as the beacon of the high ideals of democracy to the rest of world. It is a challenge to keep to the Middle Way and I’m afraid I have not - it is disturbing but illuminating to watch oneself be sucked into the negative vortex but therein lies “the work” and it must be done and hopefully become the better for it. Good luck to us all in the quest and may it add to making the world a better place 🙏...... -G