Monday, January 4, 2021

Once Again Beaches swamped with Trash

 Bali's most famous beaches flooded with trash during the rainy season. - Guardian

Good short article. This usually happens till March. One good thing about the spokespeople Guardian talked to, they didn't blame the problem on other islands which is the norm here. A lot of the trash is from Bali folk dumping trash in creeks and rivers that comes down to the sea in rainy season. The hard hit beaches are on the other side of the southern peninsula. We don't get that much here in Sanur - too much but not daily and not enough so one doesn't want to go in the water except on rare days. It's a global problem but Indonesia puts more plastic waste in the ocean per capita than any other country. One thing that would help a lot is to have no charge for trash pickup. And then separate the massive amount of organic waste from the plastic. Good luck Bali.

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