Thursday, January 21, 2021

Oh Happy Day

I just looked at yesterday's post about the palindrome date for yanks and saw that it was full of errors and didn't read well. Now it's passable - though of such minor significance that it didn't really deserve to be mentioned again. However, it's too late to take back what I've written because I decided that this entry would be written Jack Kerouac style - no going back and I do have the digital equivalent of his endless ream of paper. I'm glad not to delete those past words and letters because I don't want to be wasteful. And they're making a great effort to do their duty,  Why were there so many errors to begin with, why more than the normal one or none? Because there were two events happening that absorbed my attention. One was that my country had a ceremony to install a new president. Filled with patriotic fervor, Katrinka and I kept Al Jazeera on for hours before and after that transpired. The other event was that the 20th was the last day to make any changes and corrections in two books that Shambhala will be releasing on July 13th - a new printing of Zen Is Right Here with a few corrections and small changes, and its sequel, Zen Is Right Now. I was so thrilled about how those two events worked out that I wrote the following to the noble people who help to run the engines at Cuke Archives (See Who We Are).

What a great day it is. ... (skipping internal details of the email) Went to sleep after sunrise - for four hours - then got up refreshed and pleased. We can still pretend everything's okay now.

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