Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Kitchen Episode

We have a filter that turns Denpasar city tap water into drinking water. The top and bottom compartments hold about five gallons. The top gets filled and it drips down to the bottom. I try to make sure the top part has enough water in it at night so that the bottom will be filled by the next morning. There's a plastic spigot that goes bad once a year or so and has to be replaced. It's cheap.  It gives warning before going bad by dripping more and more. That can be stopped by pressing on it but then all of a sudden it can start pouring.

Kadek got a couple of spigots on her way to work the other day because the one on it was giving signs. Katrinka suggested I change it right away but I said let's let it go really bad first. Two mornings later I came into the kitchen at 5:30am and the floor was wet and the filter was empty. It had gone rogue and emptied out during the night. I mopped the floor, changed the sopping cloth mat that Bandi's bowls rest on - the one for water directly below the spigot. Got the excess water out of her drinking bowl. filled the top compartment with water. There's a small amount of water below the spigot level and I'd poured it into a bowl to use for tea. I'd been so distracted doing all this I'd not had my morning hot water which is usually first after teeth brushing. I got the kettle, put it under the spigot, but nothing came out. I pressed on the button on top a few times. Still no water. Oh darn, I thought. Does the new spigot have a plug in it that has to be taken out before it's used? I'd done this a few times but wasn't sure. So I picked up the whole contraption and walked it over to the sink slowly slowly. It was so heavy but it wasn't far. Tipped it over to pour the water out of the top part, the bottom slipped, and the whole thing fell over splashing five or so gallons of water onto the counter top, spilling the compost bucket, overturning the bowl of potable water I'd saved. I was wet. The counter was awash. The floor needed a mop. Got all that cleaned up including removing all the items that line the wall on the counter to soak up the flooding. Took off the spigot. Tested it by pouring water into the intake side. It worked. Put it back together. Rested the bottom half on its stand. Filled the top half three quarters full, carried it over and nested it in place. Filled the rest of it with a bowl walking back and forth from the sink. Looked it over. And then I realized why no water had come out of the spigot before. The water level hadn't reached the spigot level yet. There was no water going into it to be released to flow out. A moment of profound embarrassment. And then the thought that it's rare to be profoundly embarrassed from doing something while alone. It has to be really dumb - or really something.

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