Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Tech Note

Dropbox paid accounts now have a feature which is so useful for me that I'm giving it a free ad here. That feature is Smart Synch. I have a two terabyte hard drive on my main laptop. There's an old backup one I use when I have to like starting Friday when the new ASUS goes to the shop to get a new touchpad installed just in time to catch the last month of the two year warranty. It always bugged me that I'd put files and folders in my Dropbox folder that then would synch with my Dropbox in the sky and so I had to have those files in two places on my laptop - unless I used Selective Synch which eliminated the file or folder on my laptop. That didn't work well with me. With this new feature I can choose to have the file.folder local and online or just online. It appears there are local files and folders but they're just placeholders. They can be retrieved or added to without taking up any space. That brings me a bit of digital relief and comfort. - DC 

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