Monday, December 21, 2020

Solstice Walk

The longest day of the year is upon us - in Bali. It's been raining but not today. Sunny and not hot, not to me. Nice breeze. Walked Bandita over to our little post office nook. Gave Wayan there loot for electricity and water. Don't have to bring anything but some money. She keeps our account numbers in a book. I always leave her some of the change "for your grandkids." Then after small talk we continued on around our block and it's a big block with gangs, alleys, running deep into it from all four sides. Takes forty-five minutes to walk around. Stopped at a little warung, eatery, and got a some local grub. Had just opened our gate to walk back in when a worker at the building site across the street called out. He passed a long bamboo pole to me over the wall across the street. I'd mentioned to him on the way out I'd appreciate one to mend a little bamboo fence we have around the water tank/pump/tool area by the front gate. Then he and a friend passed another. Then another. They were way more than I needed but the right thickness. I asked for nine centimeters, about three and a half inches. Just needed one to rip in two and replace the cap piece on top of the fence. Maybe we can make something for the garden with all the extra, something that will rot away in a year or two. They've got a huge pile of bamboo over there ready to ship out. Used to hold up the second floor during construction. That's the way it's done here - lots of vertical bamboo poles running up hold the next floor till the building can do that on its own. Like that photo grabbed of the web.

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