Monday, December 7, 2020

Another use of "Happy birthday."

In Buitan on the way to Candidasa, Tanya and Lempot's son Jodi turned twenty-one. I said, "Happy birthday," to Jodi. Katrinka did the same. Then she said, "Happy birthday" to Tanya. Tanya told me later that no one else including her son recognized her role and that it was a birthday for her too. I'd never thought of that and told her that from now on I'll say happy birthday to mothers. And then today as I write this post I remember my sons' births and think I'll say happy birthday to both parents - mother first. So to catch up - happy birthdays going back to the first to all mothers, and happy birthday to you fathers too, acknowledging our lesser yet necessary role. Oh gosh and now I think about the parents of adopted children and don't want them to feel left out. Gosh and now I get a vision of all beings begetting all beings constantly, all that is - being reborn continuously. Mother Earth. Mother Cosmos. But all that is too grand for me to grok. But the woman who gave birth I know. So she stands for it all. Happy birthday to you.

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