Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 Read today in a list of stuff that surprises people about other cultures about a traveler from SE Asia being shocked at seeing all the PDA in the West. I had to look that up. Public Display of affection. Oh. Katrinka already knew. Today we had four people over here helping - Kadek the housekeeper who comes on MWSt, Made the gardener who comes every two weeks, Perih the carpenter here to fix the bamboo fence where it had rotted and build a little mini-shelf on the porch for stuff that is junking up our nice table, and Nyoman the bemo driver who came by to get Katrinka - and to tell me the taylor said he'd have the tube ready tomorrow (for us to fill with sand and use in case the back area floods so it won't come in. Katrinka was leaving for the day and night to be with Alice at Billy's villa with a pool cause he's in Arizona (first time he ever voted for a Dem was for Biden). So Katrinka was leaving and we were among those who don't do PDA. I called out, "PDA!" as she departed and romantically she responded, "PDA!"

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