Friday, November 13, 2020

David Kubiak is our latest podcast guest

David Kubiak is our guest for the latest Life in Bali podcast. He doesn't live in Bali, was only here once in around 1976, but he is such a fund of knowledge that he does have some interesting things to say about Bali toward the end of the podcast. But that's not why he's the guest. It's because he's so interesting and I love the way his mind works. Met him in Japan, Kyoto, in 1991. He lives there and India. He knew Richard Baker well in Japan back in the late sixties, early seventies. He ran for vice president of the US - in New Hampshire - and won every county. He speaks of large corporations as an inoperable cancer which means we can't just get rid of them, have to get them in balance. He speaks of ki (Japaanese for chi) power and how turning one's attention toward the body can heal. His NGO is Big Medicine.

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