Monday, October 5, 2020

Pay Pal Help - two experiences

Had to call Pay Pal so Katrinka could get into her PayPal account. They wanted to send an SMS to her phone number which was her phone number in US 7 years ago. She tried calling and it didn't work. I tried another method, selected can't access account in voice response to question and was told that would expedited the call and sure nuff, a real person answered in a few minutes. She ws most helpful. Said the number had to be in the US. Bad - for an international online biz. Others we've used accept our Indonesian phone numbers so we can receive SMSs. Anyway, the woman was most helpful and also suggested we use a friend or relatie's phone number in case they want to get hold of us though why not just email? I hope they don't start wanting to send those numbers SMSs to verify who we are before we enter our accounts. I told the PayPal help person that I ccan't access my personal account, (as opposed to the Cuke Archives PayPal account via Pacific Zen Inst.) So she looked into it and said there's a limitation and she'd connect me to the Limitation team and that they'd hlp me clear that up. So for I don't know - a couple of hours I've been listening to a non-stop recording with vital PayPal fino on an endless loop. I've found it soothing and find I can listen to it while I work. It's past time to sleep though. I think I'll leave it on. It's not costing anything as I have unlimitied time for US calls with my Skype Account. Leave it on and go to sleep and see if it's still going when I wake up. Good night. - DC

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