Monday, October 26, 2020

Hijab by any other name

I got an email from Sarah Ahmed at, an Arab marketing site. She wrote:

I saw your article on Saunters 1 here:
The resource in the article you are linking to about Hijab types is
out of date and not very comprehensive. Would you consider 
using and linking to this resource instead in your article?

Muslim Veil and Hijab Types a Complete Guide

Veiling trends for Muslim Women

I get emails like that from people who are searching for key words and trying to get their sites linked to as many as they can which is good for how much their site comes up in searches and I almost always just delete them. But every now and then I think, okay, and this one I found interesting. I know Muslim women who don't wear any head covering or only do so in certain circumstances and also those who wear head covering that covers less than any of the examples in this fashion article. I found all the names for the different styles interesting. I won't remember them though - except for hijab which works here in Indonesian and English.
And while we're at it. Here's another article on the subject:
Hijab in Indonesia – the history and controversies 

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