Saturday, October 17, 2020

Bringing Water

The latest weekly Life in Bali podcast was with guest Jeroen Van Overbeek who distributes water filters. Poor people here mainly boil water and those with rupiah buy it - in plastic bottles or refillable 19 liter containers that go on dispensers. We haven't bought water here for over six years. We filter it in a Nazava filter we got from Jeroen. We've got four of them. One in the kitchen which holds 13 liters in the bottom tank after filtering. The top tank is the same size. Two small ones - one in our bedroom bathroom and one upstairs. One tiny one for traveling. Now there are ones for traveling and camping that are bags that hang. That's nifty. 

Jeroen raises money to distribute these filters to the poor. He and his staff have given away thousands of them, teaching people in villages how to use them - here in Bali and on other islands. 

His website is Instagram & Facebook moniker is <socialimpakt>, Twitter <Social_Impakt>. Donate to

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