Thursday, August 6, 2020

Weird Body Stuff II

I have feet that will crunch. Or I used to. I haven't done it in years. Forgot about it. But I could move my toes up and down, clinching my feet like one does with their hands. Opening, closing, opening closing. Except with the feet, it can only go so far each way. I'd get that going pretty fast and it would start making crunching sounds. Felt sort of neat. I'd spoke people with it in high school. Nobody else could do it.  I would imagine that there are plenty of people who could do it but maybe few discover it or maybe I've just never met someone who could do it in the limited amount of time it became a topic of conversation, But I've only met one person who reported the same thing. And that was years later when I happened to mention it. My sister.

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