Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Weird Body Stuff - Eye Color

 When I was young, my eye color was called hazel. They were a mixture of brown, grey, a little green and sometimes a bit of blue. The colors would change somewhat and the shirts I wore brought out different ones. As I got older every now and then I'd hear blue when I was wearing a blue shirt but hazel remained the official color. No one commented on them mucnn but I got lots of comments on my once long eyelashes from girls then women. When I returned to the US in 1992, after living in Japan for four years, I had to apply for a new driver's liscense. The clerk at the DMV looked at the form I'd filled out and compared it to prior info. He looked up at me and said with a bit of disbelief, "What? Did your eyes change color?" "Yep," I said. The blue had been creeping up for some years and it finally took over. "Really?" "Yep. It happens I've learned. Not a lot." "OK." And he passed me on to the next counter.

Postnote: Katrinka says I have aqua-marine eyes. Hmm.

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