Monday, August 17, 2020

Loosing Tooth

The way I lost the front tooth that had the little stalactite tooth behind it is a sad story. It was such a nice big fat tooth. Right in front, an upper central incisor. Zen Center had purchased a home in Muir Beach next to Yvonne Rand's. It was a mess. I had the task of getting it all cleaned up. Took a few months. Just me there most the time. 1976 summer. I needed to pull a nail out of a 2 x 4 that was above my head. It was stubborn. I used both hands pulling with the claw of a framing hammer. Pulled so hard my feet left the ground and I was hanging in the air supported by the nail - till it came out like an explosion driving the hammer into my mouth. Darn. Lost a tooth. That was dumb. Got a nice new one from a dentist in San Francisco. Driving back to Muir Beach picked up a hitch hiker who, serendipitously, was also coming from getting new teeth. He'd lost his entire upper front row as the teacher in a weightlifting class. He was on his back pressing up a bar loaded with big round iron weights on each side when a car crash sounded outside the window. His students ran to the window to see what had happened. He couldn't hold that much weight up long and couldn't vocalize loud enough to be heard so he was forced to slowly lower the bar and found he couldn't avoid it coming down on those teeth. He got four new ones.  

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