Monday, August 24, 2020

Katrinka gets a Mask

Katrinka was in a farmacy and the woman in front of her, another bule, foreigner she didn't know, found she was short 20,000 rupiah, about a buck and a half. So Katrinka gave it to her. The woman wanted to know how to pay her back but Katrinka said, "What goes around comes around." Flash forward a month. Katrinka's walking to yoga when she realizes she's forgotten to wear a mask. Oh darn, have to go back home, she thought. Just then a voice called out. It was the woman Katrinka had given the 20,000 to riding by on a bicycle. She stopped and said hello and thank you and I can pay you back now. Katrinka told her not to worry about it, do someone else a favor, and added she had to walk back home to get a mask that she'd forgotten to wear. The woman said she happened to have an extra one on her. So Katrinka didn't have to walk back home to get a mask. That worked out nicely.

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