Saturday, August 8, 2020

Greens and

Sent, via trusty Nyoman on his motorbike, a family we're friends with a kilo of our Mighty Muesli because we know they like muesli. They returned with him some greens and fruit from their garden. The fruit was round and yellow - about the size of snooker balls. We didn't know what it was. Kadek housekeeper said it's markisa - passion fruit. Neat. The greens looked like chard which I hadn't seen here. Wrote Eliot, the dad in the family. He wrote back that it's called sawi. Then I wrote back: Sawi translates with Google as mustard greens. Nah - chard. I used to sell chard, mustard greens, collard greens, turnip greens at the SF Zen Center's Green Gulch (our farm) Green Grocer in SF. They were big with us mostly white folks, Chinese and blacks. Anyway, we ate the markisa with passion and the sawi with eggs and toast for breakfast. We only have that type of breakfast about once a week. Usually we each eat when we feel like it except for dinner and then it's more muesli and yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I remember Reski said she used to make yogurt till the milk got too processed. Too bad. We used to make yogurt by the gallon. I bet you're up late. I'm up early. [It was 2am]

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