Friday, August 28, 2020

Dinner Conversation

Katrinka and I were having dinner at the beach at Genius in Sanur as the sun set and the August winds blew on us almost chilly but not. Two women at the next table, the next couch in the sand with a low table in front. One of them asked about what we were eating and we got talking. Prima Dita is from Java. She's worked with the Ubud Writer's Festival or something related. Katrinka mentioned that I've been involved with the Bali Unspoken Poetry Slam and then Prima said Oh that's where I know you from. That was neat. The other is Kasia from Poland. She is a psychologist who specializes in working with survivers of childhood violence and trauma. She has a website: The four of us talked a bunch. As soon as Prima said something about being Muslim I went, Oh good. I explained I said that cause her English is so good and, well, I'd love to have her as a guest for a podcast, told her she can talk about anything she wants but I especially want to hear what she has to say about Islam and being a Muslim woman. Actually, she's the 2nd woman I've enlisted today for such a purpose. Now Prima is on board to be a guest on a Life in Bali espisode on Cuke Audio Podcast, I suspect this coming Thursday, one with her in it will go up.  Looking forward to seeing how that goes. Here's the Cuke Audio Podcast page on

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