Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Painting on the Wall

Last Saturday posted a chat with early Suzuki student and painter Mike Dixon. He did the cloud paintings at Greens Restaurant and a great deal more. This is a painting painting I bought from him in a 1966 art show/sale to benefit the purchase of Tassajara - for $300. In his Cuke Audio Podcast he said that that's a Rothko painting in the painting. Later, in 1976 March or so, I moved in with Liz Tuomi in Bolinas. Her home was directly above where this painting depicts - Agate Beach - and directly above this part of it. In 1978 The painting is still on the wall in the studio where Liz and I slept and did a lot of music for nine wonderful years. It's still on that wall. Her son Ethan Okamura lives there and took this photo. See Ethan Okamura photography online.

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