Monday, July 6, 2020

Prayers in Bali

Yep, prayers for a re-opening. Here's a Reuters article (thanks D. Padwa) on it with a nice photo I won't share here cause Blogger photos are not working since the new interface went into effect. So go to the article and you'll see.  Kadek, our housekeeper and I looked at the photo and noted how almost none of those people are wearing their masks right and are right next to each other. She said it's all bad, they shouldn't be doing that, that that's the way it will get spread. Things have been pretty smooth here, lots is open and lots is closed, not all the angry people dividing into camps like I read about in the US. Beach is close but can go there if you're cool. But the virus positive cases have been increasing recently. Now 20 have died and almost 2000 cases reported. I don't think now is the time to open up. Look at Florida, Texas, Arizona. Good luck Bali.

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