Saturday, July 11, 2020

A Week Away

Katrinka's flight on Qatar Airways is scheduled to land here in Bali next Sunday, A week from today (It's already Sunday here but barely.) Only those with resident visas can come in - and surely some other special cases. Her flight stops in Doha. She gts all three seats and passengre must wear a face mask and a shield. We're going to keep six feet apart for two weeks. A chaallenge, Sounds fun. We can take walks together. It's the windiest time of year so that's good and face masks are required here at all times when out. We've got our fingers crossed the flight isn't canceled as the others were earlier. She's been gone since March 17th. When she arrives she must show a certificate that she's virus free and it can't be over two weeks old. That's one of about five requirements. Another is downloading the app that puts her in a tracking system for contact tracing. They'll take her temperature. I won't be at the airport to meet her but a trusted driver, Komang, who always does our airport runs will be there. He'll see if he can get into baggage to herp here cause she's bringing back a bunch of stuff for us and friends. Fingers crossed.

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