Saturday, May 23, 2020

Wrapping Trees

This is an Earth Day photo from the Austin Zen Center which I posted about today on Cuke What's New Blog with another view of this scene. I use this particular photo here because it's got that rope with hanging help or cloth doodads hanging from it in the Japanese style as they do with special trees. It's Shinto not Buddhist but who cares - it's a neat thing to do - to honor or attract good spirits, kami.

Trees with material tied around them can be found in many Asian countries, especially SE Asia - I think. It's done a lot here in Bali, mainly with black and white checkered cloth, kain poleng and especially around banon trees. Lets us know it's a holy tree with spirits not to be bothered. Environmentalists trying to save trees have gone ahead of loggers tying trees in holy cloth to ward off the axes and saws.

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