Tuesday, May 5, 2020


From a note written to Bill Shurtleff, founder of the Soy Info Center:

I think I mentioned you in a podcast where I talked for a bit about getting tempe and tofu from organic non GMO soybeans here and Miso made by Japanese expats. I could have told more about the soybeans, how Suharto sabotaged Indonesia's healthy local soybean market by making deals to buy and import the cheaper GMO from the US and Argentina. We shop sometimes at a little good food place called Satvika Bhoga run by a couple born in Jakarta of Pakistani Hindu parents. Really good people - Deepak and Hira. They had an arranged marriage long ago. We've been to their home with a grey water system and mini biofuel maker from compost to cook with. They buy Indonesian organic non GMO soybeans from some mountainous area in Java and will give seeds/beans - not sure what - to anyone who wants to grow it here and guarantees they'll buy the crop.

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