Thursday, May 21, 2020


Dear nonZense visitor. It's been hard for me to get over here and post something recently because I've been so distracted with these silly podcasts I've gotten involved with.  I mean making them, not listening to them. Working with audio is so time consuming. With print you can have a whole bunch right before your eyes and can search and cut and paste and all sorts of things. With audio, at least with the technology I'm using, it's linear and restricted by time. It's a plod along type thing. There are a number of helpful tools I can use to improve the sound but for the content I've got to listen. I find I can speed it up some - 130% is about as fast as I can deal with - but then I don't hear what it really sounds like. And there's a lot of technical business that must be attended to. So that whole podcast biz on top of the other stuff I've got to deal with has sucked a lot out of me and sucked a lot of time into its vacuum. But I'll swim up to the surface as much as I can to get some nonZense down here. Thank you for your consideration. - dc PS:

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