Saturday, May 2, 2020

Beach Closed Again

Darn - can't go to the beach now. Chris who owns Power of Now Yoga (pictured) which is on beachfront can get in to go to his place - and feed Angelique, their cow or whatever, says he thinks all the surfers coming over on this side from Cangu is the cause of it, or, maybe he added, it's just something the government can do to show their serious. He also owns the lovely Kolonial House a good three minute walk from home - with two excellent pools, one with salt water and the other with so little chlorine you can't tell it's there. He's got one of his yoga teachers and his girlfriend staying in back, a nice man from India, and Ingred from Java, the manager, is staying there. Usually he's full with yoga students or other guests but not now. So I can swim there anytime. I rarely swim in a pool, the ocean inside the reef is nice swimming and spacious as heck. So we were talking today and he thougtht the Pecalang would get tired of manning the various accesses to the beach and the rules would go back to being reasonable. It really doesn't make sense to the few of us who use it - it's like there will be only a handful of people every hundred yards when it's open. We'll see what happens. It's not so predicable here. 

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