Monday, May 11, 2020

A Tale of Two Olivers

I know two Olivers here in Bali. They're the two veteran expat recyclers. I met one for lunch and he invited me to see their setup at the big landfill. He told me where to wait for him but I wasn't clear where. So I went to the main office for assistance. Someone overheard me and said, "Oh - are you looking for Oliver. I said yes. "He's supposed to show up over there at that shed." OK. Thanks. So I went over there. Pretty soon a guy rode up on a motor scooter. He asked me if I was waiting for Oliver and he said him too so we sat there. Oliver finally showed up like a half hour later than we were supposed to meet. He asked where I'd been and I said I couldn't figure out where to meet him so I went to the office and a guy said you'd be coming right here. "He did?" "He meant me," said the other guy. So that's how I learned his name was Oliver too - almost. It's Olivier. He's French.

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